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Highly rugged. Also suitable for pulleys.

positape® tape extension sensors measure linear positions using a robust, high-tech, stainless-steel measurement tape with a virtually infinite service life. The measurement tape can be deflected several times - even in opposite directions - without significant wear. positape® sensors are fitted exclusively with the new, robust absolute encoder technology. This makes positape® tape extension sensors the superior choice of technology for a range of applications, such as those in challenging environments, in areas at risk of icing over, and those in which the installation conditions require the use of pulleys.
positape® models are now available with an integrated inclination sensor.


The Advantages

  • Exceptionally long service life of the measurement tape
  • Multiple deflections possible - including in opposite directions
  • Robust, magnetic absolute encoder technology
  • Degree of protection up to IP68/IP69
  • Measurement ranges up to 20,000 mm


positape® tape extension sensors are based on the same principle as the posiwire® cable extension sensors. Instead of a cable extension, these rely on a high-tech, stainless-steel measurement tape that offers absolute position detection. Contactless, magnetic absolute encoders on the drum axle record the rotation. The interface electronics use this Information to create conventional, industry-standard analog or digital output signals. The stainless-steel measurement tape can even be redirected multiple times without suffering notable wear. 

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