Solapure Solar Powered Pool Water Purifier

The Solapure Solar powered pool purifier is a water purification device for your swimming pool

It inhibits the growth of algae, bacteria and microbes in your pool water and it helps keep your pool water crystal clear.

No batteries or power is required as it harnesses the power of the sun through the solar cell on the top.

It greatly reduces need for expensive and dangerous chemicals, which are bad for you,  bad for your pocket and bad for the environment.

One device will purify a pool up to 60,000L.

This safe, tried and tested method has been sold in New Zealand by us for over 10 years with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Full 24 month warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

Low cost to buy, minimal cost to run, this device will save you money

So how does it work??

Put simply, the Solapure pool purifier operates using a process called ionization. The solar panel at the top of the device provides a safe, low voltage to the central Copper electrode, causing it to release a controlled amount of Copper Ions (Cu+) into the water.

By introducing minute amounts of specific minerals in water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive.

This is a completely naturally occurring process. While these ions, or atoms, are totally safe and nontoxic to humans and animals, these Copper ions neutralise microscopic life forms that are responsible for your pool going green. Also unlike chlorine, which loses its potency after only hours (which is why you need so much), the mineral Copper ions in the water remain effective for weeks.

Studies have shown that when solar Swimming pool ionisers are used, the amount of chlorine added to water can be reduced by UP TO 80% - even over just one summer season,  that’s a huge saving.

So the Solapure device inhibits the growth of algae in your pool and purifies the water, allowing a reduction in the harsh chemicals that you would usually have to add. It requires no external power to operate, saves you more than its initial cost in just one season, Takes just minutes per week to maintain and has a full 90 day trial offer..... just give it a go - You will not be disappointed !!