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True-absolute. Highly rugged.

posihall® magnetic multiturn encoders are the robust alternative to optical encoders that often fall short in harsh conditions. posihall® sensors measure angular positions over multiple revolutions with the help of a 'true-absolute' magnetic measurement principle. They are capable of maintaining failure-free, accurate funtionality in the event of high vibrations, powerful impacts, and temperatures between -40° C (-40° F) and +85° C (+185° F). Their robust housing complete with specially encapsulated electronics makes them resistant to extreme environmental conditions and therefore the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications.
posihall® sensors are also available with redundant outputs for safety-related applications.

 Advantages at a glance

  • True-absolute measurement principle
  • Measurement range up to 31 x 360°(PH36) and 255 x 360° (PH58 and PH68)
  • Shock, vibration and dirt resistance
  • Integral shielding against magnetic fields
  • Single-turn linearity of 0.3%
  • Degree of protection up to IP69


posihall® sensors offer contactless, wear-free measurement of rotation angles using multiple mechanically coupled multihall sensors. These work together to capture up to 255 revolutions for a true-absolute measurement. This means that a correct measurement can always be displayed regardless of external interference - for example, after a power failure.

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