PCS Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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The Prosol PCS Ultrasonic Flowmeter is an excellent diagnostic tool for testing existing flowmeters, or for checking pump performance or flows in pipes without damaging the pipe. The ultrasonic transducers mount directly to the outside of the pipe, and work to measure the flow through the pipe.

The meter has a 2 line digital display which shows the flow rate, and the cumulative flow. It has a range of outputs including pulse (for logging the cumulative flow), 4-20mA for logging the flow rate and it is MODBUS compatible

 The meter will work on virtually any homogeneous pipe material (steel, plastic, cast Iron). You will need to know the wall thickness of the pipe to set the meter up.

 The standard transducer cable length is 10m. We can supply the transducer cable length up to 100m (at $11/m over 10m). Please specify cable length in comments section when ordering

The meter can be powered by either 240VAC, or 9-36VDC. Please specify power source in comments section when ordering.

 The meter can be supplied with 3 different sizes of transducers covering different pipe ranges

Small Transducers (S) : Pipe range 15mm - 80mm

Medium Transducers (M) : Pipe range 50mm - 700mm

Large Transducers (L) : Pipe range 300mm - 3000mm


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