P89B ; Voltage Tester with LED Light

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P89 - Voltage Sensor


AC Voltage Testing : 70 - 240VAC

DC Voltage Testing : 9VDC - 24VDC

 AC/DC Testing : , Hold the end of the tester as close as practical to the area to be tested for voltage. Move it around the area slowly to check for voltage. If a voltage is detected, a red light will come on, and the unit will beep. You may need to touch the plastic tip onto the item being tested to get a positive reading.

Try to avoid touching the test item while trying to detect the voltage as this may affect the reading.

 Pressing the white button on the side of the unit will activate the LED light.

 This device is intended as an indication device only.

A registered electrician should be consulted before proceeding with any electrical work.