Micronics PF220 Portable Ultrasonic FLowmeter

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These portable flow meter solutions are ultrasonic, clamp on and non-invasive, for closed pipe applications. This means no interruption to process and no downtime whilst the portable flow meter units are installed.

 Flow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directional

  • Display – 64 x 240 pixels graphic display
  • Programming via 16 key control panel
  • Battery or mains operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life – 20 hours from fully charged, depending on load
  • Power – 110 – 240VAC +/-10% supply via PSU
  • 9 user selectable languages
  • CE approved


Carry Case:– Polypropylene case, with foam insert and double wall for extra strength.
PF220A with ‘A’ Transducers: -13mm OD to 115mm OD pipes.
OR‘B’ Transducers: – 50mm OD to 1000mm OD pipes.
Battery:– Rechargeable cells.8-10 hours operational life from full charge.
Display:– 64×128 pixel graphics display, Backlight.
Transducer Operating Temp:– ‘A’& ‘B’ -20°C to +135°C.
Outputs:– Opto Isolated 0/4 –20mA; 5v pulse @ 1 pulse/sec max.


Expected Delivery : 4 - 6 weeks from order confirmation.

Standard manufacturers warranty - 3 years

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