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The Miro PQ45 Three Phase Power Quality Logger and Analyser is a Class A, CAT IV 600V, four voltage channel (3P + Ground + N), high precision, weatherproof (IP66) instrument that offers comprehensive power quality measurements, including Voltage Sags, Swells, Interruptions, Flicker, THD, Harmonics, Interharmonics, Temperature, Frequency, Mains Signalling, Power and Energy and Ground voltages.

Waveform and RMS captures can be generated, using various triggers, e.g. rate of change of voltage (dv/dt), sliding reference, and instantaneous voltage and current values. Alarm lists can be generated when set thresholds are exceeded.

The Miro PQ45 is WIFI enabled, comes with various communications protocols and optional integrated remote cellular communications.

The Miro PQ45, with the additional voltage channel is the instrument of choice for comprehensive power quality monitoring and is an ideal instrument for compliance reporting, energy audits, investigating customer complaints, ground fault investigations and fault finding.

NOTE : There are 4 Different models in the MIRO PQ range, including units for single phase and 3 phase monitoring. The brochure below has general information on each of these, but please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.


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