P95 Solenoid Tester

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This simple device is an invaluable tool for electricians, tradesmen, engineers and home handymen. It is invaluable for quick troubleshooting to identify faulty components or to analyse device operation and functions.
It is used to detect the presence of a magnetic field created by electrical coils or permanent magnets without the need to
come in direct contact with the cabling.
Just hold it approx 5mm away from the object being tested and if a magnetic field is present the LED will activate and
the buzzer sound.
This means the AXIOM P95 Solenoid tester can be easily and safely used to detect the presence
of a magnetic field in solenoids, actuators, relays and coils used in hydraulic, pneumatic, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and automotive systems
The AXIOM P95 Solenoid tester is a low cost, device that should be in every electrical toolbox.